William Pettersson

Projects and hobbies

Below I list a number of projects or hobbies that I am either actively working on, or have worked on in the past. Some of these are related to my research, and some are not. I leave the problem of deciding which is which as an exercise for the reader.

The Kidney Exchange Game

A visual example
		of an exchange of kidneys between three pairs of people. The image contains
		silhouettes of 6 people standing as 3 pairs of two, and three arrows each
		pointing from one pair to another such that all three pairs form a cycle Kidney exchange programmes improve access to living donor kidney transplants through effective allocation of resources. I have developed a game - The Kidney Exchange Game that explains some of the basics of these programmes.

Gentoo packaging and support

The Gentoo logo

Gentoo is a Linux distribution that I have used for many years. I don't necessarily recommend it for everyone, I think of it more as aimed at those who like tinkering. Within Gentoo, I support a number of packages, and provide occasional support on IRC. The packages I help maintain are:

  • app-text/xapers
  • dev-python/latexcodec
  • dev-python/logfury
  • dev-python/pybtex
  • x11-misc/splatmoji