William Pettersson

Projects and hobbies

Below I list a number of projects or hobbies that I am either actively working on, or have worked on in the past. Some of these are related to my research, and some are not. I leave the problem of deciding which is which as an exercise for the reader.

Kidney Exchange Software

A visual example
		of an exchange of kidneys between three pairs of people. The image contains
		silhouettes of 6 people standing as 3 pairs of two, and three arrows each
		pointing from one pair to another such that all three pairs form a cycle Kidney exchange programmes improve access to living donor kidney transplants through effective allocation of resources. I am the developer of kep_solver, a package of kidney exchange software that allows for the modelling and optimisation of instances of kidney exchange programme problems according to various criteria and with various other constraints. The source code is available under the GNU GPLv3 open source license.

I have also developed a game - The Kidney Exchange Game that explains some of the basics of these programmes.

Graph parameter visualisation

A graph on four vertices, with two black edges and two red edges. One black edge forms a pendant edge to a copy of K3 that has two red edges and one black edge.

I have developed an online tool to aid with the research into twin-width, a recent development in graph parameterisation. This tool lets the user visualise a series of contractions, and is also able to determine and present to the user an optimal series of contractions.

Gentoo packaging and support

The Gentoo logo

Gentoo is a Linux distribution that I have used for many years. I don't necessarily recommend it for everyone, I think of it more as aimed at those who like tinkering. Within Gentoo, I support a number of packages, and provide occasional support on IRC. The packages I help maintain are:

  • app-text/xapers
  • dev-python/latexcodec
  • dev-python/logfury
  • dev-python/pybtex
  • x11-misc/splatmoji