William Pettersson


I am a mathematician, and currently employed as a research associate at the University of Glasgow in the School of Computing Science where I am part of the Formal Analysis, Theory and Algorithms group. I am currently working on the MultilayerALGS EPSRC project with Dr Jess Enright and Dr Kitty Meeks. This project will study how algorithms can exploit multilayer structures in real-world problems to improve performance and efficiency.

My research has taken me from graph decompositions through combinatorial and computational topology and into linear and integer programming. In much of this work, I have devised or used innovative algorithms to help solve my particular problems.

I also have a strong interest in computing, reaching from the algorithms I use in my research to the complex world of information security. I have practical experience with coding at all levels, from assembly for the HC12 through C, and C++ all the way to Python, PHP and Perl across a wide range of software projects.

Photo of William Pettersson (a bald man wearing glasses and a light blue shirt)


William Pettersson, Research Associate
School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow,
Glasgow, United Kingdom G12 8QQ